Tops Apps to Sync Data between iPhone 7 and Mac

For data synchronization between iPhone 7 and Mac computers, using iTunes and iCloud is clearly not satisfactory for the users. These applications cannot mount iPhone 7 on the local disk of a Mac computer. Users do not also get access to all kinds of data. They get access to media files or multimedia files, but there is no way of accessing calendar, contacts, text messages, etc. So, in other words, these are some basic applications for data synchronization. For advanced data syncing, you need to adopt some advanced applications. So, for your convenience, here is a list of apps to synchronize Mac with iPhone 7:

  1. SyncMate

At the top of the chart, we have SyncMate, which is one of the most effective and advanced applications for synchronization of data between iPhone and Mac computers. It gives freedom to users to sync different kinds of data without any glitches. You can sync personal files, folders, contact list, messages, multimedia contents and many more stuffs. This app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, furnishing some advanced features as well as options to make data transfer process from Mac to iPhone and vice-versa seamless.

Another big reason for using SyncMate, an app for Mac and iPhone 7 synchronization, is that it offers terrific data security. It does not involve any cloud platform and thus there is no chance of data hacking or phishing. To sync your iPhone 7 device with Mac, you do not have to reset your phone.

  1. Syncios

At the 2nd spot of our list, we have Syncios. This application also comes with excellent data syncing features. It makes data transfer between iPhone and Mac computers effortless. You can sync data, like videos, audio files, documents, notes, e-books, apps, contacts, messages and many more. Additionally, it can also give you access to your iTunes backup data. You can use your phone as an external storage device from your Mac computer.

  1. BusyMac

Though BusyMac is not a typical syncing tool, but it has been considered as highly effective for syncing iPhone 7 and Mac data. Since, it is not an orthodox syncing tool, it features limited options for data syncing. But it guarantees high end accuracy in the process. It can sync data like iCal, contacts, messages, etc.

  1. PhotoSync

As the name suggests, PhotoSync is precisely an application to sync photos between your iPhone and Mac computer. If you want to transfer photos from your phone to Mac desktop or laptop, using this system will be effective to you.

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