How To Buy Gift Xbox Live Card Online

Xbox live gift card is an excellent gift to give someone or to receive it. One can use this gift card to buy XBOX live membership and Microsoft points for game download purchases. There are various ways of using this card on an account.

Gift cards are nothing but prepaid codes. It comes in a form card and you can find a 25 digit code on the back. You can easily purchase it from a retailer or receive as a gift from someone. Getting a gift card for yourself is definitely a good idea because it ensures that no credit card information will be put on to XBOX network so that there will be no chances of getting your card information fall into the hands of hackers.  All you need is a prepaid codes to make the purchase. The prepaid code can be redeemed on the XBOX console or on the computer.Image result for How To Buy Gift Xbox Live Card Online

There you can find five types of cheap Xbox live gift card that can buy Xbox content.

You can buy Xbox live gift cards from online store like or brick and mortar stores. You can add it to your Microsoft account for future purchases. These cards are more often given as a gift and you can also pay it in cash in order to transmit money to an account.

With the help of Xbox live gift card you can also take XBOX live gold membership. This membership can last for 12-24 months on an average.

If you are a music lover then you should go for Xbox music pass. It gives you the complete access to the all music in XBOX network. With the help of this premium card you can listen ad-free music in any device. It also allows you to download music and you can create your own playlist then you can sync across any device.

Microsoft points cards are the currency of XBOX. You can use these points to purchase downloads, content or different types of games on the live XBOX market place.

The best part of these points is that they never get expired and you can find them always available on your account.

All these gift cards can be redeemed in a same way but depending on the code, they will affect your account differently. When you are using gift card the denomination of the card will directly go to your Microsoft account as a local currency. If you are entering 25 pounds gift card then your account will be credited with 25 pounds after redeeming the card.

There are many online stores that offer cheap Xbox live gift card at really reasonable price and you can easily buy a gift card from there. You should always buy the gift card from an online store that offer faster and smooth downloads, secured online shopping and good customer support.

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